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2013 Volume 1, Number 1

 Literacy and Education System in Karnataka State
Download PDF (206k)
R. Suresha, B.C. Mylarappa
Keywords: Education, Enrollment, Infrastructure, Literacy
Integrated Multidisciplinary Engineering Early Design Project: Approach and Reflections 
Download PDF (669k)
Fadi A. Ghaith, Mutasim Nour, Sarim Al-Zubaidi, Nidhal Abdulaziz, and Mounif Abdulla
Keywords: Early Multidisciplinary Design Project; Vertical and Horizontal Integration; Reflections

2015 Volume 2, Number 1

Increasing Capacity in Rehabilitation in the Management of HIV: A Case-based Email Intervention
Patricia Solomon, Nancy Salbach, Kelly K. O’Brien, Cathy Worthington, Larry Baxter, Georgina Blanchard, Alan Casey, Will Chegwidden, Le-Ann Dolan, Sarah Eby, and Nicole Gervais
Keywords: Rehabilitation; HIV; Disability; Case Studies; Learning Module; Capacity Building

“Tech Support”: Implementing Professional Development to Assist Higher Education Faculty to Teach with Technology
Courtney Holmes and Kelly Kozlowski
Keywords: Teaching with Technology; Professional Development

2016 Volume 3, Number 1

Two Days at Edcamp: What Educators Take Away from the Unconference Model
Annie McMahon Whitlock
Keywords: Professional development; Education; Unconference

Teachers and Data Literacy: A Blueprint for Professional Development to Foster Data Driven Decision Making
Jennifer L. Green, Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, Tena Versland, Lynn Kelting-Gibson, and Gustave E. Nollmeyer
Keywords: Data Literacy; Professional Development; Data Driven Decision Making; Instructional Improvement

Soft Skills Identification for Guidance and Job Placement: Presentation of the Project UNIMC (Macerata University) for Soft Skills
Paola Nicolini, Elisa Attili, Valentina Corinaldi, Monica de Chiro, and Cristina Formiconi
Keywords: Soft Skills; Lifelong Learning; Informal Learning; Non-Formal Learning; Guidance; Job Placement; Counseling; Skills Certification System

Examining Pharmacists’ Knowledge, Skills and Self-efficacy when Counseling the Patient with Respiratory Disease
Eric Buxton, Ruth Bruskiewitz, and Karen Kopacek
Keywords: Self-Efficacy; Counseling; Respiratory Disease; Continuing Professional Development; Pharmacy Continuing Education

2017 Volume 4, Number 1

Understanding Professional Development Program Learners’ Perceptions of its Value: The Development of a Valid and Reliable Assessment
Erik Burns
Keywords: Continuing Education; Value; Professional Development; Online Learning, Distance Education; Assessment; Evaluation

Review of Ethics Continuing Education Requirements in State Licensure Laws for Speech-Language Pathologists
Bess Sirmon-Taylor and Robin L. Edge
Keywords: Ethics; Speech-language pathology; Continuing Education; State licensure laws

The Challenges of Understanding Fluid in Fluid Density
Anthony J. Petrosino and Michele J. Mann
Keywords: Professional Development; Density; Next Generation Science Standards; Science Concepts; Fluid Density; Domain Knowledge

Conversion of a Face-to-Face Short Course to a Blended Distance Education Program Available for Industrial Scientists Worldwide
Erik C. Burns and James E. De Muth
Keywords: Distance Education, Online Learning, Professional Development, Computer-Based Training (CBT), eLearning, Web-Based Training (WBT), Webinar, Self-Paced Learning

2017 Volume 4, Number 2

Biomedical Research Careers Pipeline in a Southern Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI): Perspectives of Faculty and Students on Efficacy of Mentoring Workshops
Ming-Tsan Lu, Stacey Gonzalez, Yuridia Munoz, and Luis Colom
Keywords: Mentoring workshops; Biomedical research careers; HSI; Faculty perspectives; Student perspectives

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